Well, something is not right here because these logs:

[quote="Navakanth_B, post:1, topic:93784"]
starts elasticsearch

Option                Description                                              

-E      Configure a setting                                    
-V, --version         Prints elasticsearch version information and exits    
-d, --daemonize       Starts Elasticsearch in the background                
-h, --help            show help                                              
-p, --pidfile   Creates a pid file in the specified path on start      
-q, --quiet           Turns off standard ouput/error streams logging in console
-s, --silent          show minimal output                                    
-v, --verbose         show verbose output                                    
ERROR: Positional arguments not allowed, found [start]

are exactly the error message that you would see if you executed `bin\elasticsearch.bat start`. The service does not pass `start` to the main method of Elasticsearch. Maybe you changed the `Startup` tab for the service? Can you execute `bin\elasticsearch-service.bat manager` and show the contents of the `Arguments` on the `Startup` tab? It should be empty, but maybe it contains `start` for you? I can reproduce your problem *exactly* if I put `start` there.

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