Elasticsearch, Kibana 6.3 (Azure, Kubernetes, Docker Cluster)
Masters: 2, Clients: 3, Data: 2

NEST, Elasticsearch.NET 6.0 - netstandard1.6?
dotnet core 2.1.1

**NOTE:** We pulled the latest version of NEST a few weeks ago and recompiled it in to work with dotnet core 2.1.1.

We are having issues with a simple object hierarchy for people. Example of data returned looks like this:

        "took": 5,
        "timed_out": false,
        "_shards": {
            "total": 5,
            "successful": 2,
            "skipped": 0,
            "failed": 0
        "hits": {
            "total": 1,
            "max_score": 11.922418,
            "hits": [
                    "_index": "people",
                    "_type": "_doc",
                    "_id": "19E68F17-1098-4F75-AECC-8410117FFD45",
                    "_score": 11.922418,
                    "_source": {
                        "id": "19E68F17-1098-4F75-AECC-8410117FFD45",
                        "personType": "Student",
                        "uniqueId": "366V2QFU4",
                        "firstName": "Alexus",
                        "middleName": "Tyesha",
                        "lastName": "Walton",
                        "maidenName": "",
                        "suffix": "",
                        "gender": "Female",
                        "birthdate": "",
                        "birthCity": "",
                        "birthState": "",
                        "birthCountry": ""

The query used to pull our data in Kibana, which returns just one result, returns 10 using NEST. No matter how I formulate the query it keeps returning 10 results when I'm expecting one:

    GET /people/_doc/_search
      "query": {
          "query":"+uniqueId:366V2QFU4 +personType:Student"

    SearchDescriptor<Person> sd = new SearchDescriptor<Person>();
                sd.Query(q => q
                    .QueryString(qs => qs
                        .Query("+uniqueId:366V2QFU4 +personType:student")));

If I using just a browser and use the following URI I get what I expect.

Any ideas what I'm doing wrong? We are starting to wonder if its an incompatibility between our recompiled client and ES 6.3.

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