I am using the below code to get the output..

    var node = new Uri("");

                var settings1 = new ConnectionSettings(node).RequestTimeout(TimeSpan.FromMinutes(2))

                var client1 = new ElasticClient(settings1);

                var searchResponse1 = client1.Search<book>(s => s
                 .Query(q => q.QueryString((m => m.Query(TextBox1.Text))))
                 .Highlight(h => h.RequireFieldMatch(false).PostTags("</b>").PreTags("<b>").Fields((l => l.Field(f => f.title).FragmentSize(15000)))
                           .Fields((l1 => l1.Field(f1 => f1.summary).FragmentSize(15000))))
                .Aggregations(ag => ag.Terms("language", la => la.Field(ff => ff.language)))
How can I get the highlighted text .....like
I used the below code to get the documents >>
>   var books = searchResponse1.Documents;

I used the below code to get the aggregation  >>

> var books_agg = searchResponse1.Aggs.Terms("language").Buckets;

Pls guide..

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