Hi All,

i am using lucene 4.10.4

In lucene search, i know we have 1024 limitation in number of boolean query
clauses. i know we can increase this limit.. but i want to understand
queries vs filter in lucene 4.10.4...

i want to make queries larger than 1024.. Relevance is not needed for
me. What are the best possible options?

1. using boolean filters is working for even 1lakh Filter Clauses in
booleanFilter... is there any consequence using filters in this case? shall
i proceed with this?

2. if i am giving very less memory for filters, it is managed to complete a
search after so much GC cycles.. Why cannot we do the same for query
clauses too? What is the actual technical reason for 1024 limitation in
boolean query?

3. if i disable scoring process using ConstantScoreQuery, is it possible
give more than 1024 query clauses?
       i tried this.. But still getting java.lang.OutOfMemoryError.. Why ?

java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: Java heap space

Any pointers are much appreciated... Thank you..

Kumaran R
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