Hi Ignacio,

It is not clear to me from your post whether you are proposing making
package-private classes public, or are proposing additional code to support
general 2D polygon intersection.

In Geo3D, there is currently only support for computing the intersection
with shapes that implement GeoArea.  These only include GeoBBox (2D) and
XYZSolid (3D).  Currently, GeoPolygon objects do *not* implement GeoArea.
This is by design.  There are many cases and corner cases that would need
algorithmic development to properly implement polygon intersection.

If you need to support this case, feel free to create a ticket and supply a
patch where GeoPolygon extends GeoArea.  You will need to implement
getRelationship() for GeoComplexPolygon, GeoConvexPolygon,
GeoConcavePolygon, and GeoCompositePolygon.  I would also urge you to
include many test cases to be sure your code is working as designed.

On Mon, Jul 17, 2017 at 4:06 AM, Ignacio Vera (JIRA) <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
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