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Hi.  I hope you don't mind if I chime in here. :)

When the original JIRA support for Apache Yetus was written, we actually looked at a way to prevent comments from getting emailed out.  At that point in time, the REST interface lacked the functionality. Much sadness. But good news: JIRA 7.2.0 does include the necessary magic:  https://jira.atlassian.com/browse/JRASERVER-34423  .  Now we just have to wait until the ASF instance gets upgraded.

Just to fill in some blanks as to how the current projects are using it....  

Submitter sets JIRA issue to Patch Available. There is a job on ASF Jenkins called "Precommit-Admin" that uses a JIRA filter to look for (group of projects)+"Patch Available"+(updated time frame).  It then submits any found issues to Precommit-(project)-build with the issue id.  For Solr, Lucene, or any other project, it's just a matter of adding your project to the JIRA filter and creating the precommit job.  Manually running a job is simple, because you just use that project's dedicated precommit job and a supplied id.

[I'm in the process of "rescuing" the precommit-admin codebase from within the (old) Hadoop svn tree into the much more public Yetus source tree, writing documentation, etc.  Right now, this is all tribal knowledge. :( ]

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