CFCPerlClass_method_bindings in CFCPerlClass.c currently generates XSubs for
overridden methods. The comment states:

     /* Create the binding, add it to the array.
      * Also create an XSub binding for each override.  Each of these
      * directly calls the implementing function, rather than invokes the
      * method on the object using vtable method dispatch.  Doing things
      * this way allows SUPER:: invocations from Perl-space to work
      * properly.

While this is true, I fail to see a practical use case. IMO, the only place
where calling a supermethod makes sense is in the method implementation of a
subclass. Everywhere else the result is mostly unpredictable. Even if you know
exactly where methods are overridden, this could change in a later version.
Apart from that, why would you ever want to invoke a super method?

In a method of a Perl subclass, a SUPER:: invocation (of the same method)
would still work if we only created a single XSub with virtual dispatch. So
what about removing XSubs for overridden methods?

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