Dear all,

It seems that if a double quote is the last character of a query,
followed by nothing or nothing other than space characters, an error is

    StrIter_crop: top is behind tail
    cfish_StrIter_crop at cfcore/Clownfish/String.c line 704

As can be seen in code like this:

    my $query_parser = Lucy::Search::QueryParser->new(
         schema             => $env->get_schema,
         fields                 => [ 'normalized' ],

    my $user_query = 'aap noot mies" ';
         $user_query  = $query_parser->parse(

The single occurence of a double quote anywhere else in a string is no
problem, nor is the single occurence of a single quote anywhere in the
string. Also if it's at the end.

Is this a bug in Apache::Lucy? (Lucy-v0.6.1 latest version on cpan)

Kind regards,

On 05/16/2017 07:53 PM, Serkan Mulayim wrote:
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