Hi Nick,

Thank you very much for your response. I was exactly stuck on what you mentioned. I need to create an entry for the folder with the CFReader, but there is no internal functions supporting that. Folder implementation fails since it does a check for the cfmeta.json.

Secondly it does not seem like I can link CFReader (Folder*) as an entry to the enclosing folder since there is no function to link a folder inside a folder as far as I see. Can you confirm?

If the above is not an option, I was thinking of subclassing RAMFolder. I do not think I need to create a cfh file for that, but I will create my own Folder implementation with a static header file. I think this is the right approach. (Unless there is a better approach which does not require subclassing, e.g. by using inStreams)

Thanks again,

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