On Wed, Jun 21, 2017 at 3:00 PM, Pat Ferrel <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
This is completely detached from github reality.

In this model, all contributors work actually on the same branch. In
github, every contributor will fork off their own dev branch.

In this model, people start with a fork off the dev branch and push to dev
branch. In github, a contributor will fork off the master branch and will
PR against master branch. This is default behavior and my gut feeling no
amount of forewarning is going to change that w.r.t. contributors. And if
one starts off his/her work with the branch with intent to commit to
another, then conflict is guaranteed every time he or she changes the file
that has been changed on the branch to be merged to.

For example:
Master is at A
Dev branch is at A - B -C ... F.

if I start working at master (A) then i wil generate conflicts if i have
changed same files (lines) as in B, C, .. or F.

If I start working at dev (F) then i will not have a chance to generate
conflicts with B,C,..F but only with commits that happened after i had

Also, if I start working at master (A) then github flow will suggest me to
merge into master during PR. I guarantee 100% of  first time PRs will trip
on that in github. even if you put "start your work off dev not master" 20
times into project readme.

And then you will face the dilemma whether to ask people to resolve merge
issues w.r.t. master and resubmit, which will result to high contribtors'
attrition, or resolve them yourself without deep knowledge of the author's
intent, which will result in delays and plain errors.

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