Yeah I can see the upside to that def.  But having tested the sources so thoroughly. Testing the binaries would be less work ..

It is nice to able to just `wget https://some miror/mahout-0.13.0.tar.gz`

Let's revisit after we get the first java-only out the door.
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Subject: Re: New RC?

I'm yes and no about that.

Yes- because, yea awesome.

no- bc of limited testing bandwidth.

I'd be more in favor of lets push 0.13.0 with minimal binary support, and
then get IT testing all sured up (MAHOUT-1949) and then do another release
soon, with very little additional code, but add native solvers and spark
2.0/scala 2.11 binaries

e.g. lets just get the current one out the door and then focus on
automation to make future release cycles quicker and less painful.

just my .02


Trevor Grant
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