Hi all,

We're going to be landing the new MCF UI in the next week or so.  This is
going to be slightly disruptive because:

- The old HTMLTester code that used the python browser simulator is no
longer powerful enough, so we had to replace that with SeleniumTester
- Only a few of the UI tests will have been converted by the time the
branch lands
- The rest of the test conversions are straightforward but will need to be
tackled systematically before 2.7 is released
- Some jars that the Tika connector and Alfresco Webscripts connector
depend on (guava, gson, commons-exec, jna) have now been moved from
connector-common to core level; I *hope* this won't blow up Tika but we
can't be sure of that until we play with it a bit.

It's critically important that the UI get a thorough testing by all of us
before we ship (April 30th is the target date).  I will therefore be
announcing the branch integration when it happens.

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