Hi All,
                I wonder if anyone has any experience with getting logging to roll the MCF log file when both Agents and WebApps are running together.
I'm running MCF 2.6 on Windows.
I set up logging.ini to log to a rolling file appender with a maximum file size and maximum number of retained files configured as shown:

log4j.rootLogger=WARN, MAIN
log4j.appender.MAIN.layout.ConversionPattern=%5p %d{ISO8601} (%t) - %m%n

If I run JUST the Agents process then logging runs exactly as I expected (multiple files get created and rolled as expected)

If I Run the MCF WebApps process as well, then the file size limit and number of backup files is ignored. I end up with one large log file that does not split or roll.

It looks like the WebApps  is using some fixed configuration for the log4J  properties  that is overriding the  ones in  logging.ini. and affecting how MCF Agents logs as well

Does anyone know how to get the logging for both WebApps and Agents to roll, or how to separate the WebApps and Agents log files so that Agents can have a rolling logger?

Any advice appreciated.

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