Hi Tamizh,

For any repository  errors, ManifoldCF needs to know the following:

(1) Is it likely to go away or not on a retry;
(2) Does it substantially impact the ability of ManifoldCF to properly
process the document;
(3) Is it generally acceptable to skip ALL documents where the error occurs.

In this case your underlying error seems quite worrying:

temporarily parked on a BOCS server host. It will be available when it is
moved to a permanent storage area."

I could imagine that many or most documents are in fact in that state, in
which case nothing can really be crawled?

I'm happy to make coding exceptions in the Documentum connector for
discarding uncrawlable documents, but only if it makes sense to do that.
Here it is not clear at all that we'd want to change MCF to throw away all
documents with this problem.  It sounds instead like there's some
significant Documentum configuration issue to me.

On Fri, Jul 14, 2017 at 2:39 AM, Tamizh Kumaran Thamizharasan <
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