Hi Team,

Below behavior is observed on using ManifoldCF Documentum connector.
*         On any Documentum specific error, the application throws the error and the job stops abruptly. If there is any specific reason for this approach?

Can we handle these errors by logging the errors, ignoring the document and continue the indexing?
Please find the sample error causing the job to fail.
Documentum error: [DM_PLATFORM_E_INTEGER_CONVERSION_ERROR]error:  "The server was unable to convert the following string (String Unavailable) to an integer or long."

Caused by: org.apache.manifoldcf.crawler.common.DCTM.DocumentumException: Documentum error: [DM_OBJECT_E_LOAD_INVALID_STRING_LEN]error:  "Error loading object: invalid string length 0 found in input stream"

Error: Repeated service interruptions - failure processing document: [DM_SYSOBJECT_E_CONTENT_UNAVAILABLE_PARKED]error: "The content is temporarily parked on a BOCS server host. It will be available when it is moved to a permanent storage area."
Kindly provide your suggestion on this.

Tamizh Kumaran Thamizharasan
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