Dear Community,

db.fetch.schedule.adaptive.min_interval is not respected by Nutch 1.13. It is set to "86400", but a specific index of a site is fetched every 1-2 hours. What could be the problem?

Other configurations are:
db.fetch.schedule.class = "org.apache.nutch.crawl.AdaptiveFetchSchedule"
db.fetch.schedule.adaptive.min_interval = "86400"
db.fetch.schedule.adaptive.inc_rate = "0.4"
db.fetch.schedule.adaptive.dec_rate = "0.2"
db.fetch.schedule.adaptive.sync_delta = "true"
db.fetch.schedule.adaptive.sync_delta_rate = "0.3"

On generate the top is: 50000, number-of-lists: 50, number-of-segments: 1

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