Hi Pau,

Yes, it took me a while to get things working because the tutorial is not complete or up to date.

In conf/nutch-site.xml, the value for plugin.includes uses indexer-elastic by default. If you want to use SOLR, you'll have to change it to indexer-solr.

I haven't tried SOLR 6.6, but this is what I did in SOLR 5:
1. bin/solr create -c name_of_my_core -d basic_configs
2. bin/solr stop -all
3. Copy schema.xml from the nutch_directory/conf to server/solr/name_of_my_core/conf/
4. In schema.xml:
* Search for all enablePositionIncrements="true" in the file and remove them.
* Change <uniqueKey>id</uniqueKey> to <uniqueKey>url</uniqueKey>
5. bin/solr start


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Hi Yossi and BlackIce,
many thanks for your tips. However, a tutorial needs to be self-contained, or at least link to the documentation/tutorial on how to configure the parts it uses.
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