On Thursday 09 March 2017, Andi Vajda wrote:

Ah this one was hard to find. It looks very similar to my one and has
some nice build fixes which I imported too. Otherwise my fork is
addressing already some more issues now.

So maybe you could derive benefit from my mentioned py2 branch which
carefully removes already python < 2.7 support and solves all the
trivial but labour-intensive tasks towards python3.

Thanks, I will have a look at it.

Actually I have now all test-suite problems fixed, most of the failures
were cause by python3 incompatibilities in the pylucene itself.

BUT some more interesting questions arised ... about the jcc interface.
Speaking in examples:

Should JArray('byte')("x") still work in python3 or should we require
JArray('byte')(b"x")? Currently JArray('byte')(U"x") is not supported.

Currently JArray_byte.string_() returns class str on python2 which are
"bytes". Should we keep it that way? The original old python3 port added
a new bytes_() method to get "bytes" and changed string_() to return
unicode. This looks reasonable but incompatible for the users. We could
instead keep the string_() function as is and add a new unicode_() instead.

I've implemented both alternatives already for 1. and 2. Just need a
decision what is the way we want to go.

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