On Thursday 16 March 2017, Andi Vajda wrote:

Usually my opinion is that tarballs should have the least possible
dependencies. But in this case where all the deps are hosted on the
same source (apache.org) I would not include it but download on build
time (if user has not downloaded it manually already).

Maybe we could even enhance the Makefile to automatically find an
already installed lucene or download the latest minor version. IMO it
makes no sense that pylucene users by default always use a non-bugfixed
outdated lucene. And I saw on this mailing list how difficult it can be
to get enough votes for a pylucene minor update.

The same goes for the jcc python package which the user has to install
manually anyways. We don't need to ship it with pylucene. I guess jcc
would be far more famous if it would be hosted decoupled of pylucene.
IMO jcc is a really amazing good working thing. pylucene is just a nice
example how easy you can use java libs via python.

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