I did some work to port jcc to python3, see

There are two interesting branches, py2 and py3
  py2  should still work for python2 >=2.7 without any behavior change
  py3  completes experimental python3 support (but still python2
regarding py2 branch:
  - fixes many (but not yet all) python3 incompatibilities
  - should still work for python2 >=2.7 without any behavior change
  - succeeds lucene's test-suite completely (pylucene-4.10.1/java-1.7
    and (pylucene-6.4.1/java-1.8).
  - removes compatibility for python < 2.7 (though it would not be hard
    to keep it)

regarding py3 branch:
  - based on py2 it adds a few more patches for python3 support (>3.1)
    but still in a way which is python2 incompatible
  - still fails about 25% of pylucene tests.
  - Note I just did pylucene's python3 support for testing trivially
    like '2to3  -w  $(find -name "*.py")'
Please comment on this. I'd like to get python3 support upstream.

Some more notes:

My patches were inspired from the old python-3.1 port

I've refactored/rebased it and splitted the huge patches into many
smaller ones inclusive keeping python2 support. Almost all commits in
my py2 branch are trivially to review and independent of each other. So
I would be glad if you would merge as many of them as you like.

Since the py3 branch is still not 100% correct (guess still some
Bytes/Unicode problems) I would be glad if somebody would help to get
it running.
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