On Friday 17 March 2017, Andi Vajda wrote:

Well, I was speaking about the minor maintenance updates like 6.4.2 but
you know surely better about the quality of lucene updates.

Yep, jcc only exists because of pylucene. And good that pylucene's
development and user base guarantees that jcc will be well maintained
in future too. On the other hand pylucene may be some kind of show
stopper for jcc. Why wasn't the old experimental jcc/py3 port released
quickly on PyPI 7 years ago? Is there any chance to get the recent
jcc/py3 port released soon even pylucene still cares for stable py2
only? I mean releasing jcc for py3 cannot break any existing project.
No need to wait for the right time to test it more carefully.

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