I just now checked in support for Python 3 (3.5+), built and tested on
Mac OS X 10.12 only, with Python 3.6. Linux support should be next. I have no
access to Windows anymore and thus can't test support there.

I manually integrated/merged/changed/fixed the patches proposed by Rüdiger
Meier and Thomas Koch earlier as well as the much older experimental branch
I checked in many years ago.

I refactored the JCC egg's structure, splitting it into two parts, one for
Python 2 support (jcc2, _jcc2, helpers2) and one for Python 3 (jcc3, _jcc3,
helper3). That way, less conditional code is required and Python 3 support can
proceed unshackled.
There still is only one egg for JCC, called jcc.
MANIFEST.in was updated accordingly (but is still untested).

Similarly, the PyLucene tests got split into test2 and test3.

This is still work in progress but it seems to work well on Mac OS X, so far.
All tests pass.

I intend to work next on support for Linux.
Someone with access to Windows, please help test/fix/finish support for
Python 3 on Windows, both with the MSVC and Mingw compilers.
I have no access to Windows anymore.
I expect to mostly work but with caveats on building the libjcc3.dll with the
version of setuptools included in Python 3.6.

Thank you all for your contributions and patience so far !

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