First, again - many thanks to all of you who made jcc work with python 3,
this is a great thing!

Now playing with linux building and I am using anaconda python distribution
and it seems like the link library for python is called libpython3.6m.so
instead of the libpython3.6 that other python seems to use and setup.py
assume. I have another called libpython3.

If I remove this extra_links_args it seems to build fine, as well as if I
add a "m" to the end:

       elif platform == 'linux':
            #kwds["extra_link_args"] = \
            #    lflags + ['-lpython%s.%s' %(sys.version_info[0:2])]
            kwds["force_shared"] = True    # requires jcc/patches/patch.43

The -m seems to indicate how python was built:

Not sure if there is a danger in removing this, as long as it builds fine?

Best Regards
Petrus Hyvönen, Uppsala, Sweden
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