> On Mar 9, 2017, at 14:34, Ruediger Meier <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

Thank you for your contribution. I have not looked at it yet but you're now the second contributor with python3 support. The one thing I suspect is missing is proper python 3.x (x > 3 ?) <-> java string conversions. In these versions of python the internal string representation was changed to be more clever about how many bytes to use per unicode char based on the data of the string. One would want to take advantage of that to minimize conversions between both languages. Support for earlier versions of python 3 is irrelevant and not necessary.
You can take a look at the PyICU sources (github) for the kinds of conversion functions I'm referring to.
(function PyUnicode_FromUnicodeString and reverse in common.cpp: https://github.com/ovalhub/pyicu/blob/master/common.cpp)
Also, support for python 2 is not necessary in the new branch as it's being retired (python 2) in a few years.

I have no time right now to spend quality time on jcc/python3 support but it's been increasingly on my mind lately and I hope to spend some time on this soon. At that point, I'll take a look at your patches and the other contributor's (see list archives) as well.

Many thanks for your contribution !

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