On 9/12/2017 11:27 AM, Shashank Pedamallu wrote:

In Solr 4.4, the core discovery process became usable.  In 4.x versions
starting with 4.4, core discovery was optional, but recommended.


In Solr 5.0, the old solr.xml way of specifying cores was removed, and
now Solr only supports core discovery.

Through the CoreAdmin API, you can add Solr cores that are positioned
anywhere on the filesystem, but if you want them to be found on startup,
they must all be located in one place, typically underneath the solr
home directory.  You can use filesystem tricks like symlinks to have the
true locations be variable.

It would be a very bad idea to try and have two Solr instances pointing
at the same solr home, unless you could be absolutely certain that they
would never run at the same time.  Instead, you should move or copy a
core from one instance's solr home to that of another instance to
transfer it.

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