So far we've indexed about 46 million documents, but over the weekend,
these errors started coming up.  I would expect that if there was a
basic issue, it would have started right away?  We ran a test cluster
with just a few shards/replicas prior and didn't see any issues using
the same indexing code, but we're running a lot more indexers
simultaneously with the larger cluster; perhaps we're just overloading
HDFS?  The same nodes that run Solr also run HDFS datanodes, but they
are pretty beefy machines; we're not swapping.

As Shawn pointed out, I will be checking the HDFS version (we're using
Cloudera CDH 5.10.2), and the HDFS logs.

On 7/17/2017 10:16 AM, Susheel Kumar wrote:
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