2/27/2017 4:46 AM, Issei Nishigata wrote:

The default filename with the Managed Schema factory is managed-schema
-- no extension.  I'm pretty sure that the reason the extension was
removed was to discourage hand-editing.  If you use both hand-editing
and API modification, you can lose some (or maybe all) of your hand edits.

The default filename for the schema with the classic factory is
schema.xml.  With this factory, API modification is not possible.

If the managed factory is in use, and a schema.xml file is found during
startup, the system will rename managed-schema (or whatever the config
says to use) to something else, then rename schema.xml to managed-schema
-- basically this is a startup-only way to support a legacy config.

I personally don't ever plan to use the managed schema API, but I will
leave the default factory in place, and hand-edit managed-schema, just
like I did in previous versions with schema.xml.

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