1.  In confluence - https://cwiki.apache.org/confluence/display/solr/
Faceted+Search it page says its experimental and may change significantly.
Is it safe for us to use the Terms faceting or will it change in future
releases?. When will this be official?.

A lot of people / engineers are using json faceting in their production
today itself. By "experimental and may change significantly" simple means
the end points of request and response may change in in future releases,
hence the back-compat will suffer. If you are upgrading to future released
solr version, you have to make sure the client code you have wrote at your
end (via SolrJ) is upto date with that solr version (you upgrade to).

  2.  As Term faceting has few advantages over Pivot facet as per
http://yonik.com/solr-subfacets/ we went on with it. Is it safe to use it
or do we use Pivot faceting instead?

In my opinion, you should use the better feature. Though you may hit some
limitations of json faceting and their respective would be jiras opened too.

Rest Mr. Seeley would be the the best person the 2nd.

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