I looked into the code TransactionLog.java (branch_5_5) ::

JavaBinCodec.ObjectResolver resolver = new JavaBinCodec.ObjectResolver() {
  public Object resolve(Object o, JavaBinCodec codec) throws IOException {
    if (o instanceof BytesRef) {
      BytesRef br = (BytesRef)o;
      codec.writeByteArray(br.bytes, br.offset, br.length);
      return null;
    // Fallback: we have no idea how to serialize this.  Be noisy to
prevent insidious bugs
    throw new SolrException(SolrException.ErrorCode.SERVER_ERROR,
        "TransactionLog doesn't know how to serialize " + o.getClass()
+ "; try implementing ObjectResolver?");

While UUID implements serializable, so should be BytesRef instance to?? ::

public final class UUID implements java.io.Serializable, Comparable<UUID>

Can you share the payload with you are trying to update?

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