We have Solr version 6.4.2  and we have been using Solr Subfaceting – Terms Facet as per the document https://cwiki.apache.org/confluence/display/solr/Faceted+Search in our project.

In our project which is going to go in production soon, we use it for getting the facet/subfacet counts, sort etc. We make a direct rest call to solr and the counts matches perfectly. I have few questions and clarification on this approach and appreciate your response on this.

  1.  In confluence - https://cwiki.apache.org/confluence/display/solr/Faceted+Search it page says its experimental and may change significantly. Is it safe for us to use the Terms faceting or will it change in future releases?. When will this be official?.
  2.  As Term faceting has few advantages over Pivot facet as per http://yonik.com/solr-subfacets/ we went on with it. Is it safe to use it or do we use Pivot faceting instead?
  3.  Currently we make a rest call to Solr API to get results. Now we are planning to move to Solr Cloud and use Solrj library to integrate with Solr. I don’t see any support for Terms faceting (json.facet) in Solrj library. Am I overlooking it or will it be supported in future releases?

Appreciate your response.

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