I don't think boosting is really what you want here. Boosting
_influences_ the score, it does not impose an ordering.

Sorting _does_ impose an ordering, the question is how to sort and the
answer depends on how fixed (or not) the sorting criteria are. Do they
change with different queries? If not, the very simplest thing to do
is to index a field with a pre-computed sort value. IOW, if your
ordering is _always_ source 5, 9, 7 index a source_sort field that
orders things that way and sort on that. Then I'd have a secondary
sort by score as a tie-breaker.

If that's not the case, perhaps sorting by function (perhaps a custom
function) would work.


On Mon, Jul 17, 2017 at 4:30 AM, Florian Waltersdorfer
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