These numbers aren't very useful. inserting how much data? Querying
how much data? What kinds of queries? Are you indexing in batches or
one document at a time? Are you using SolrJ and CloudSolrClient?

94 seconds to do _what_? Execute 1,000 queries? Fetch all the
documents from the shard? Execute one query?

What is "a huge amount of data"? I've seen 300M documents fit on one
shard. I've seen people claim 1M documents is "huge".

Details matter. You might review:

1:inserting data in 4 shard without document routing  time taken ( in
millisecond)  =325108
Inserting data in 1 shard with document routing time time taken ( in
millisecond)  =251835

2: retrieving data from 4 shard without document routing time taken(
in millisecond)  = 234242
And retrieving data from 1 shard with document routing time taken ( in
millisecond)= 94562


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