Easiest way is just to copy the entire directory that contains
core.properties to the second Solr's SOLR_HOME directory (I'd have the
Solr instanced down). The core discovery Shawn mentioned just
recursively descends from SOLR_HOME and whenever it encounters a
core.properties figures out that this is a core and loads it. So you
have some directory like
that has core.properties in it. Just move core1 to SOLR_HOME for solr2.

But this really seems like an XY problem. What do you hope to gain by
this? Why not just create a new core on Solr2 and start using that? Or
do you have a lot of cores on this machine and are just balancing the
number of them? In the latter case, why not just use SolrCloud and
ADDREPLICA/DELETEREPLICA to move cores around?


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