Any tips on building Beam?  Should it work on (dare I say) Windows?

Intellij is complaining that it can't find as a dependency under much of the Hadoop modules.

mvn clean install is failing at Beam::SDKS::Java::Core
[ERROR]   AvroIOTest.testWriteDisplayData:561
Expected: display data with item: (with key is "filePrefix" and with type is <STRING> and with value is "/foo")
     but: found 6 non-matching item(s):
[ERROR]   FileBasedSinkTest.testRemoveWithTempFilename:148->testRemoveTemporaryFiles:261 temp file C:\Users\tallison\AppData\Local\Temp\junit5212433513605155196\temp\file0 exists
Expected: is <false>
     but: was <true>
[ERROR]   FileBasedSourceTest.testSplittingFailsOnEmptyFileExpansion
Expected: (an instance of and exception with message a string containing "No files found for spec: C:\Users\tallison\AppData\Local\Temp\junit1719865221821921346\junit7087025770573441186/missing.txt")
     but: an instance of <java.lang.IllegalStateException: Unable to find registrar for c> is a java.lang.IllegalStateException
Stacktrace was: java.lang.IllegalStateException: Unable to find registrar for c
among many other errors...
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Hi Guys

The link to the initial code is available in JIRA, at this stage the focus is on preparing a solid initial PR, and then we can all improve Tika related code :-)

Cheers, Sergey
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