Hi Tim, All

It took it some time, but finally Beam TikaIO component is in its
2.2.0-SNAPSHOT master,


I've created a basic project which can help with running it quickly:


One can just build it and run as suggested in Readme.md, simply have
some PDF files for example, and point to one or all of them.

By default, Beam will output the data to /tmp/tika.

main() can be updated with supporting more options, they can be
collected from the command line either with TikaOptions:


(all options but the "--input" are optional)

or directly from the code, some variations are shown in the tests:


By default TikaReader will use an internal queue to make the SAX events
available to the Beam pipeline, this is why you can see the options like
"queuePollTime", etc. If it's known that a given parser can really read
the whole text in the single op only then the process can be optimized
with 'parseSynchronously'...

One can also try to update main() in the example to do more interesting
things then just print the data :-).

Give it a try please if you get a chance, help make TikeIO the major
part of Beam :-) with PRs, etc

Thanks, Sergey

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