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 *Should the model be trainable by the user?*
The basic minimum requirement is to provide a pre-trained model and make
the parser work out of the box without Training (expect no GPUs; expect a
JVM and nothing else).
Of course, the parser configuration should have options to change the
models by changing the path.

As part of this GSoC project, integration isn't enough work. If you go
through the links provided in the Jira page you will notice that there
models for image recognition but no ready-made models for captioning. We
will have to train the im2text network from the dataset and make it
available. Thus we will have to open source the training utilities,
documentation or any supplementary tools we build along the way. We will
have to document all these in Tika wiki for the advanced users!

This is a GSoC issue and thus we expect to work on it during the summer.

For now, if you want a small task to familiarise yourself with Tika, I have
a suggestion:
Currently, Tika uses InceptionV3 model from Google for image recognition.
The InceptionV4 model is out recently which proved to be more accurate than

How about upgrading tika to use newer Inception model?

Let me know if you have more questions.


*Thamme Gowda*
TG | @thammegowda <https://twitter.com/thammegowda>
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